SSC MTS CHSL CGL परीक्षा में पूछे गए वन वर्ड सब्स्टिटूशन्स | All Idioms & Phrases asked in SSC CGL Tier1 – 2022 Exam Paper PDF

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सभी सरकारी नौकरी तैयारी करने वाले कैंडिडेट्स को एग्जाम को क्रैक करने के लिए सभी विषयो को अच्छी तरह से पढ़ना होगा. रेलवे, आर्मी, अग्निवीर वायु या फिर एसएससी MTS, CGL या CHSL परीक्षा में पिछले कुछ एग्जाम में पूछे गए इंग्लिश one word Substitutions इस लेख में कैंडिडेट को मिल जायेंगे

All Idioms & Phrases asked in SSC CGL Tier1 - 2022 Exam Paper PDF

सभी रेलवे एसएससी या डिफेन्स UPSC की किसी भी एग्जाम में इंग्लिश ऐसा विषय है जिसमे आप सबसे जयदा मार्क्स को स्कोर कर सकते है. इंग्लिश विषय का सिलेबस कम होता है और इंग्लिश विषय आसान भी होता इस आर्टिकल में इंग्लिश के कुछ ग्रामर के प्रश्न दिए है जिसकी प्रैक्टिस कैंडिडेट कर सकते है.

All Idioms & Phrases asked in SSC CGL Tier1 – 2022 Exam

1. A piece of a living tissue or plant that is transplanted surgically 

(a) Gracious (b) Graft  (c) Gourmet (d) Gratis 

2. Feeling or showing extreme tiredness 

(a) Nervous (b) Weary  (c) Drowsy (d) Vitalised 


3. Giving the worrying impression that  something bad is going to happen 

(a) Desolate (b) Ominous  (c) Suspicious (d) Bleak 


4. A person in love with himself 

(a) Stoic (b) Narcissist  (c) Lunatic (d) Polyglot 


5. A shortened version of a larger work 

(a) Shorts (b) Summary  (c) Abridgement (d) Précis 


6. Plants of a particular region 

(a) Flora (b) Flotsam (c) Flinch (d) Fauna 


7. The man supervising the exam had a huge mustache. 

(a) Examiner (b) Curator  (c) Controller (d) Invigilator 


8. Adjust or make right; correct, amend 

1. Recreate 2. Recourse 3. Recruit 4. Rectify 


9. The date when both, day and night are of  approximately equal length

1. Equator 2. Equine  3. Equinox 4. Equilibrium 


10. One who has the ability to do many  different things 

1. Expert 2. Adaptable  3. Specialist 4.Versatile


11. A speech made without preparation 

(a) Extempore (b) Rhetoric  (c) Deliberation (d) Spontaneous 


12. One who mediates in a deal or complex  situation 

(a) Negotiator (b) Pacifier  (c) Solicitor (d) Equaliser 


13. A loud appeal or demand 

(a) Gambit (b) Clamour  (c) Protest (d) Entourage 


14. Sharp and direct 

(a) Zoonic (b) Anodyne (c) Acerbic (d) Acidic 


15. After my father passed away, I used to look  at a series of stars, trying to find the unknown. 

(a) Horde (b) Galaxy  (c) Constellation (d) Caravan 


16. The study of languages 

(a) Philosophy (b) Anthropology  (c) Philology (d) Lexicography 


17. One who does something not professionally but for pleasure 

(a) Mature (b) Immature  (c) Amateur (d) Professional 


18. A person having significant experience in  an occupation 

1. Novice 2. Fastidious  3. Veteran 4. Agnostic 


19. The act of washing oneself 

(a) Steaming (b) Ablutions  (c) Solutions (d) Bathing 


20. A very expensive and elaborately built  tomb 

1. Masterpiece 2. Mosque  3. Cemetery 4. Mausoleum 


21. A place where coins and medals are made. 

1. Office 2. Barn 3. Mine 4. Mint


22. An excessively intense desire for returning  to past or lost conditions 

(a) Affection (b) Glitterati (c) Paranoia (d) Nostalgia 


23. The act of killing one’s mother 

(a) Matricide (b) Uxoricide  (c) Regicide (d) Homicide 


24. Existing in a land from the earliest times or  from before the arrival of colonists 

(a) Native (b) Original (c) Ancient (d) Aborigina


25. Today my dad will teach me how to make a  small shelter for my dog. 

(a) shed (b) Burrow (c) canal (d) kennel 


26. The property left to someone by a will 

(a) Legacy (b) Lexical (c) Legend (d) Ledger 


27. An eccentric manner of living 

(a) Gourmet (b) Misanthrope (c) Bohemian (d) Numismatist 


28. A huge building with a spacious area to  house aircrafts. 

(a) House (b) Airport (c) Hanger (d) Hangar 


29. A group of stars having a particular shape 

(a) Planet (b) Galaxy (c) Orbit (d) Constellation 


30. A small island 

(a) Closet (b) Isthmus (c) Lagoon (d) Islet 


31. Allowance given to a wife from her  husband on separation

(a) Alimony (b) Allegory (c) Affidavit (d) Advocacy 


32. Formal forgiveness of a person’s sins 

(a) Forgiveness (b) Absolutism (c) Ablutions (d) Absolution 


33. Holding on to something or keeping an  opinion with determination

(a) Obnoxious (b) Gracious (c) Tenacious (d) Loquacious 


34. A room where dead bodies are kept until  burial. 

(a) Museum (b) Mortuary (c) Safari (d) Sanatorium 


35. Fail to notice; ignore; condone (an offence  etc.) 

(a) Overlong (b) Overlie (c) Overlook (d) Overly 


36. The action of damaging the good reputation  of someone

(a) Defection (b) Degeneration (c) Defamation (d) Delegate 


37. An exaggerated statement not to be taken  seriously or literally 

(a) Hypocrisy (b) Hippocrates (c) Hypertext (d) Hyperbole 


38. Cancel or do away with (a law or  agreement) 

(a) Cancellation (b) Abrogate (c) Ultimation (d) Prorogation


39. To keep postponing doing a task later  because you’re lazy 

(a) Multi-task (b) Procrastinate (c) Leave (d) Diligent 


40. A battle or anything involving or causing  much bloodshed 

(a) Autocracy (b) Sanguinary (c) Ineffable (d) Red-tapism 


41. Something which is worth believing 

(a) Expedient (b) Impending  (c) Spurious (d) Credible 


42. Strong hostility 

(a) Animalistic (b) Anonymity (c) Comity (d) Animosity 


43. Murder of an infant 

(a) Foeticide (b) Feticide (c) Sacrifice (d) Infanticide 


44. One who loves humanity or believes in  universal brotherhood 

(a) Philanthropist (b) Humane (c) Magnanimous (d) Misanthropist 


45. Words that begin with the same letter, syllable or sound 

(a) Pun (b) Hyperbole  (c) Alliteration (d) Metaphor 


46. One who runs away from law 

(a) Convict (b) Fatalist  (c) Lunatic (d) Fugitive 


47. While I was travelling in Europe, I met a  man who drew maps. 

(a) Arbitrator (b) Anthropologist  (c) Cartographer (d) Geographer 


48. The scientific study of plants and their  structure 

(a) Botany (b) Environment  (c) Plantation (d) Biology 


49. Something that is capable of being accomplished 

(a) Feasible (b) Irrevocable  (c) Eligible (d) Untenable 


50. Words that begin with the same letter, syllable or sound 

1. Alliteration 2. Metaphor  3. Hyperbole 4. Pun


51. While I was travelling in Europe, I met a  man who drew maps. 

1. Geographer 2. Arbitrator  3. Cartographer 4. Anthropologist


52. One who runs away from law 

1. Fatalist 2. Convict  3. Fugitive 4. Lunatic


53. Sita seems not to be affected by the  pleasures and pains of life. 

(a) active (b) stoic (c) passive (d) strict 


54. Having a feeling of guilt 

(a) Repugnance (b) Remorse  (c) Refulgence (d) Restitution


55. A person who criticises traditional beliefs and customs 

(a) Absconder (b) Heretic  (c) Iconoclast (d) Apostle 


56. Something that is very small/little 

(a) Few (b) Thin (c) Tiny (d) Slender 


57. A poll taken of voters leaving the voting  place that is usually used for predicting the  winners. (a) Results (b) Consensus (c) Exit poll (d) Census


58. A formal statement testifying to someone’s  character and qualifications 

(a) Affidavit (b) Testimonial (c) Document (d) Manuscript 


59. A list or collection of books or informative  graphics 

(a) Gallery (b) Hamlet  (c) Bale (d) Catalogue 


60. Making of a false document with a false signature ANSWERS: 

(a) Ruse (b) Insincerity  (c) Deception (d) Forgery


Conclusion हाल ही में हुए SSC CGL टियर 1 एग्जाम में इंग्लिश के पेपर में यह Idioms & Phrases के प्रश्न पूछा गया था. ऐसा नहीं है की पहले नहीं पूछा गया होगा एसएससी ने कई बारे इन प्रश्नो को अपने अलग अलग परीक्षाओ में पूछा है.


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